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 Banned for no reason/Glitches

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Banned for no reason/Glitches Empty
PostSubject: Banned for no reason/Glitches   Banned for no reason/Glitches EmptyFri Dec 19, 2008 2:27 pm

1.I was sitting in FM and i got banned for no reason what so ever. It says my IP was deleted or my IP is blocked from logging in.

2.I got this really annoying glitch that has kept me stuck at level 131 for the whole day today. Everytime i convert Shadower i disconnect and roll back to Chief Bandit. Everytime i gain exp i disconnect and get rolled back. I pretty much can't do anything...I levelled normally from 1-69 and then used PvP system to level from 69-156 and then i got glitched with this white strip thing the bottom of my screen, got myself killed to fix it, then i just can't convert shadower or gain exp if there is anything someone can do to help please let me know...

Char name: Sedusa
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Banned for no reason/Glitches
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