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 Huuhh Yoooog Problem!!!!!!! Please READ! It's very sexy desu!! (pics)

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PostSubject: Huuhh Yoooog Problem!!!!!!! Please READ! It's very sexy desu!! (pics)   Wed Jan 07, 2009 5:58 am

Helloes! Embarassed sorry that i lied in the subject thingie desu o: So ok.

Really sorry for lying.

So um...this is just a random post. If you don't want to waste your life, get out of this post right now (recommended)
If you are just bored, Im here o entertain you ( not recommended).

:] So um...let me tell YOU something.

If you need help anytime, just come and ask me ( you can ask about anything with me ;D even though I might not know everything that your saying)
Just know that I'll always be here for everyone ( You basically ) . I will help you anytime when I'm on SSAMS, MSN, and yeah. ._. Sad thing is, I don't
have a phone. So you can't call me. My parents won't let me reveal my homephone so yeah ._. But if you live in like California (USA) And you want to call me, just ask :] I don't know about other states, but you just have to ask me when im online, sorry >.<

Ok, so this post is really boring you eh? ._.

Oh and my IGN is Kuro :]

Say hello if you happened to know me! XD

Oh and, I have a report I need to finish quickly right now, so I might not be on often until prob Feb... Yeah. Jan JUST started.

I hate my life. But you shouldn't hate yours.

so I don't want to be wasting your life anymore.

If you really need help fast, just add me on msn

my email is

:] And I'm not going to say something like NO DON"T HACK ME!! Because I believe in you that you'll never hack me. :] LOL

Well. Just know ill always help you when you're in need! If your down or having worries, I can ALWAYS cheer you up.

Yeah Im too full of myself. ROFL.

I needa work on a bar graph for the report now! じゃね!愛してる!!

xx Ao
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Huuhh Yoooog Problem!!!!!!! Please READ! It's very sexy desu!! (pics)
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