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 GFX designer

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PostSubject: GFX designer   Thu Jan 08, 2009 4:09 am

>.> um... yea

so "post" links to artwork:
(this is not strictly graphic design work, but everything i've ever done and posted to the site, so random doodles, photography, animations w/e. So please don't judge harshly)

Here is a link to a banner that i've done for my GMS zakum group:
(with this I was also responcible for buttons, and the black/red theme, and such.)

i've been a graphic designer for work and school, so... if you hate the above links, thats fine just leave me out of it ^.~


P.S. can i suggest that you resize the banner you have on your forum, so ppl don't have to scroll left and right anymore?
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GFX designer
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