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 Character Glitch

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PostSubject: Character Glitch   Character Glitch EmptyMon Jan 19, 2009 2:04 pm

This happened while I was in the FM scrolling some weapons which after that I entered FM1, what happened was the nx hat which I was wearing has disappear along with all the stuffs in my inventory and my skills was reset to zero.
I thought its just a minor thing which I blame it on my bad luck, purchase another nx hat and continue my training after which I decided to enter the Cash Shop and it dc-ed me with an error that says "error code : 38 (Reached the end of the file.). When I re-enter SSAMS, my character once again loses the nx hat that she is wearing and any item that is in her inventory. This also happens to my 2nd character which dc not long after entering the game.
I tried to rectify the problem by relogging, restarting my computer and modem, still to no avail. So could any GM be able to help me solve my situation?

Id: tehkishi
Character: Klytin, ReuneX
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Character Glitch
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