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PostSubject: Game-Master Application &Forum dev/IGN:Forum   Game-Master Application &Forum dev/IGN:Forum EmptyFri Jan 23, 2009 7:52 pm

Hey! My Name is Charlie berg. I'm currently 14 years old and basicly all i do in my Free time is Playing maplestory.
I'm from Sweden, I'm sure you heard of it. It's in europe, Mabye explains my kinda bad English. But it's okay it have not stop be from apply earlier and not now.

I have been Game master in 3 Diffrent servers KingKongms, DreamMS, and NanaMS. In KingkongMS i demoted my self because less players and more GMS. DreamMS shutted down so did nanaMs.
I hosted my Own server Before ChibiSoulMS, It was v55 and kinda popular. Shutted it down cause i've been with no internet for 2weeks but now it's back and i feel like not opening it again. I do rather help an cool server like SSAMS.
I'm applying too be one of the Staff members in The V62 Server. My IGN is Forum. I have been playing V62 servers since it came out, and i really like them.

Game-Master Experince- As i said ive been GM before. I know all the commands, and how to make Custom Traning Rooms and stuff like that, I really like answering questions and help pepole. I would never let a hacker go even if it was a friend or mabye more then a friend. Hacking=Banned. I would never Treat someone unfair even if i would hate that person by Personally reasons. If Needed i can make Banners Like Vote banner or anything for the server if you need one quickly. I can also make guides on the Forum about traning & Farming and stuff like that. I'm good on fixing alot more just ask meh.

Forum EXP: If i would become one of the staff i would absolutly informate alot of ppl on the forum and be active here, I would spend atleast 2 hours per day at the forum to Answer all topics Who has been created that day. I really like begin on Forum and chatt There, Make own threads about Importan stuff. If there was a Server check i would Informate on the forum Asap to calm them down.

I'm playing around 7hours per day At monday-Friday , At weekends around 10hours per day. I'm not Doing anything else than playing MS and chatting on Forum that's all im doing, I'll spend all the time for SSAMS if needed.


please answer me here or at my Email as fast as you can. If you need to know anything else =D.

I will always answer at email , So just give a msg =D.
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Game-Master Application &Forum dev/IGN:Forum
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