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 Juniors GMApp

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PostSubject: Juniors GMApp   Juniors GMApp EmptySat Jun 06, 2009 1:30 am

Name:William u Can Kall me Junior

How many servers have u been a Gm:0

What can u do as a Gm: I can do events if i see anyone hacking report them or ban

Why do you want to be a gm: I want to be a Gm to help the server in anyway i can like events helping new people and Banning hackers

Why Should we pick you as a Gm: Im nice i can help with events and people who need help understanding the game

Will you leave the server if ur not a Gm: No i Wouldn't

How Active are you: i can be on everyday for lik 3-4hours on school days and weekends longer and i play alot of servers but SuperSpecialawsomeMs Is the best to me
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Juniors GMApp
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