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 My GM app, introduction, and few suggestions (:

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PostSubject: My GM app, introduction, and few suggestions (:   Thu Dec 11, 2008 9:30 pm

So hello there I'm new to the forums. I came from MapleEmpire.
My name is Shanna, that is two n's (:
I'll just take my bio from the ME forums, so hold on...


im Shanna. I wont correct you if you spell it wrong. im random. i love life. i dont actually care at all about what you think of me. im really wierd sometimes, but so are you. i like tea a lot. music, family, friends are my life. i love the beach and summer. i love dancing. i say whatever i want whenever i want. i think rap "music" is actually just noise with the same shitty, pointless lyrics over and over again. i rarely take anything seriously. sometimes when i'm bored i have fiber optic parties. it annoys me when people don't think for themselves. i really can't stand when people make a big deal out of things. christmas is totally my favorite holiday, and i want to stab every obnoxious blow up lawn decoration i see with a pin and watch them blow up into a million pieces and scatter all over the yard. i'm actually 4 years old. they're called jimmies, not sprinkles. i love mint chocolate chip. i can't stand it when people disagree with my opinions. lying is the worst thing you can do. blue is my favorite color. the pacific ocean is absolutely wonderful. i want to go everywhere. i get jealous like real easy and i'm such a little bitch about it. if i don't want to do something, you'll know it. i get bored real easy and i can't stay in one place for long. i love my iPod. i love my friends,there the greatest people ever and im so grateful to have them. i'd be lost without them.♥
So yuppp thats me in a nutshell

GM Application

Even though I am new here and don't know all of you yet, I can get to know all of you. Just like my real life scenario, we got a new teacher \ in the middle of the school year, fresh out of college. She doesn't know anyone and it's her first year of teaching but so far she is doing a great job. I learn from experience. I will host good events, find hackers, and just be friendly to everyone. I am a friendly person (: I have noooo idea how to code or whatnot but I have such good ideas from playing ohsomany private servers and can talk to the Devs here to add them in Mad
So yuppp thats my GM app.


I suggest a new forum. This one is so plain and boring. I like to be active in forums and I know a lot of people that do to. (:
If a new forum is put up, a shoutbox would be nice so everyone that is currently signed on the forums would be able to talk to each other. Also have forum events to attract more people to sign up for it.
I also suggest to put Happyville if it hasnt been done so yet. For the christmas spirits! And the quests that come along with it Razz
Even though I know nothing about coding, I heard it wasnt that hard to put in from the GMs from the other server (:

So yup thats about it about me!
And hope I have a chance to become a GM Mad

My IGN is iBlue
My MSN is if you need to contact me!
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My GM app, introduction, and few suggestions (:
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