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PostSubject: FULL DOWNLOAD'S   Sun Sep 28, 2008 3:09 am

there are a few different ways to download v.55 and stuff here are some

add me on AIM pirate1482023 and i can send to you


put the SSAMS cleint into you maplestory v.55 folder and then click on hamachi(first time.(it will ask you to make a name just put your IGN or your real name or even whatever you want.)click join an existing server then type in

network name: SuperSpeicalAwesomeMS
password: super

then wait for it to connect(names will show up when its conneded)
then click your SSAMS client and go log on(we are auto registered so just type in your given username and password then click log in and create your char.^_^

dont forget to vote for us at
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